In 2000, a group of dedicated bikers, who are all serving or ex-serving members of the Belgium Armed Forces, came up with the idea of forming a motorcycle club.

 Two years later it was a fact and the Belgium military motorcycle club was begun under the name: “Combat Veterans MC Flanders”

The first year the members ran a prospect time with a front patch only in 2003 the first full patch was earned.

In 2005 the MC became a national MC with “Belgium” on the bottom rocker.

The colors are worn with pride and represent what we stand for:

“Camaraderie, dedication, patriotism and freedom”

A good relationship with other MC’s has been established, especially with military MC’s from other countries, out of which a brotherhood (B.I.A.) has grown.

In 2007, after many years of mutual respect and friendship between the Veterans MC, the Patriots MC U.K. and ourselves, the club was accepted into  The Green & White Alliance.

The clubs retain their own individuality so a decision was made to change the colour of our patches while still retaining our separate identities.

August 2007 the new colors were officially presented to the CV MC-members by the Patriots MC U.K. and the Veterans MC Netherlands.



 September 2011 the club changed it’s name to:

“Allied Veterans MC Belgium”

In 2013, the Veterans MC Canada were accepted into The Green & White Alliance.

In 2014, the Veterans MC Norway were accepted into The Green & White Alliance.

In 2016, the Veterans MC France were accepted into The Green & White Alliance.

In 2020, the Veterans MC Italy were accepted into The Green & White Alliance.

More countries are expressing interest in the alliance.


You’ll have to be male, either presently serving or an ex-serviceman and own a motorcycle of at least 500cc.

We also welcome foreign servicemen who are a resident in Belgium.

If you are a civilian with no military background, you can ride together with us in our Squad 122, wich is 100% loyal and join us during the events.

We have no doubt whatsoever that there are excellent soldiers and civilians who are cut out to join our ranks in the future.